How often should you wash your hair?

The Truth About How Often You Really Need to Shampoo

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Do I need to shampoo every day?

The answer to this question really depends upon your hair type and your personal preferences, but according to many experts, no, you do not have to shampoo every day. In fact, many hair experts frown upon washing with shampoo every day, as this is considered over-washing. You might find yourself thinking, “But if I don’t wash my hair every day, I look like I shampooed with a bottle of Crisco.”

And this is why I say, it really depends upon your hair type. But let’s deeply examine this issue. My inspiration for this post was an article that I read a couple of weeks ago about a woman who hadn’t washed her hair in a few years. At all. However, her hair looked healthy.

I personally can not imagine going so long without washing, but if this is what has worked for that woman and her hair looks healthy, then that’s her business and her prerogative. Many people were grossed out by the idea of not shampooing for so long, etc. and others have issues with the chemicals within most shampoos that a lot of us are aware of that are harmful, such as sulfates and parabens.

So I decided to do a search for answers, because I already knew that you really don’t need to wash with shampoo every day, because I had researched it a little bit a couple of years ago when I was learning about the fact that some people choose to use conditioner and not shampoo to wash their hair. But I wanted to further confirm this and provide some tips to get your hair and scalp used to not washing every day, and to provide tips on which types of shampoos are best and if it’s possible to skip shampoo if you have oily hair. I also chose to experiment with my own hair, so I’ll share what I’ve been doing for my hair and what I think of skipping the shampoo.

How often should you wash your hair?

Some experts say that you honestly only need to shampoo 2-3 times per week, while others say 3-4. If you actually research this, you will find this answer among many hair styling experts all over the web. Anything over 2-3 times or 3-4 times per week is considered over-washing and can actually dry out and damage your hair. Over-washing may also contribute to hair loss issues. Many people opt to not use shampoo at all, due to coarse/curly hair. Instead, they choose to condition regularly as to avoid drying out their hair.

What shampoos are healthier for hair?

Some of the best shampoos for healthy hair are organic shampoos. My personal favorite organic shampoos are Renpure and Aubrey Organics. There was another one that I found in my local Mother Earth store a while back, but I can’t remember the name of it offhand. When shopping around for a shampoo that will not damage your hair or scalp, avoid these particular chemicals:  sulfates, parabens, sodium chloride, and formaldeyhde.

What can I do in between shampooing so my hair doesn’t look greasy?

Dry shampoos work great in between washes. There are dry shampoos for every budget. You can purchase dry shampoos online or offline.

Can this work if I have oily hair?

Yes, it really can. I have oily hair and decided to give this a try. I thought that I would look like a greaseball for sure, but instead, I’ve found that my hair is more manageable and appears healthier.

How long does it take for my hair and scalp to get used to skipping shampoo?

It can take a couple of weeks or more for your hair and scalp to adjust, but it’s really worth it. I saw a difference withing 1-2 weeks. Your hair does in fact adjust. I didn’t think it would, but it really does. I’m down to washing my hair every two days, which is three times per week and it took about two weeks for my scalp to adjust. Maybe the reason that those of us with oily hair have increased scalp oil is from over-washing? It’s something to consider. It is a fact that over-stimulation of the scalp can lead to oily hair. It’s the same thing with oily facial skin – if you over wash, you produce more oil.

The Bottom Line

So now that we know that you do not need to wash your hair with shampoo every day, we also know that as stated in the beginning of this article, it also depends upon your hair type and personal preferences. Another thing to take into consideration is if you play sports or get sweaty while outdoors. Those are occasions where you’ll definitely want to wash your hair more frequently.

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8 Tips for Dry Hands – How to Prevent Dry Hands

photo credit: [auro] via photopin cc

photo credit: [auro] via photopin cc

How to Prevent Dry Hands in the Winter

If you suffer with dry hands during the winter, then you know that washing your hands only makes them drier. You may also find that your dry hands become painfully dry from time-to-time. What is the difference between dry and painfully dry, you say?

Painfully dry = cracking. The minute your dry skin moisturizer starts to heal your hands, you’re sticking your hands back in the water to do dishes, or you’re stepping outdoors and the cold air aggravates them.

Thankfully, I’ve only had to deal with this problem during the winter. But I know that other people out there have year-round problems with dry skin. Tip #5 that I’ve added below is something that I discovered recently that helps to prevent dry hands, and is what inspired me to write this post.

Keep your hands silky smooth by following these 8 tips below:

Tip #1)  Apply a healing and/or medicated hand lotion to your hands several times a day; including at night before you go to bed and when you start your day.

Tip #2)  After showering, always make sure to apply lotion immediately while the skin is still slightly damp. This helps to seal in moisture and allows your lotion to better absorb into the skin.

Tip #3)  If you hand-wash dishes, try to make sure that you wear gloves while doing dishes to protect your hands.

Tip #4)  When handling household cleaning products, always make sure to wear gloves. You kill two birds with one stone with this tip; protecting yourself from germs and protecting your hands from chemicals.

Tip #5)  If you find that you’re a frequent hand-washer (like me), then before washing your hands, squirt some lotion into your hands. Don’t rub the lotion in. Now squirt your hand soap into your hands and begin washing your hands. The lotion mixes with the soap, and makes your hands soft when you’re finished.

Tip #6)  After hand washing, feel free to add a little more lotion.

Tip #7)  Carry hand lotion with you at all times when you’re out.

Tip #8)  If you like to use Gold Bond Hand Lotion’s, then you should know that Walmart’s Equate brand that is just like Gold Bond, really is just like Gold Bond – if you’re in a pinch or just feel like saving a buck.

Yeah, so my discovery of Tip #5 was actually accidental. I went to wash my hands and accidentally squirted the hand lotion onto my hands, because I was rushed and stressed, instead of the hand soap. So then I added the hand soap, washed my hands, and they were so soft after!

Follow these tips and your hands will be soft in no time!

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The Key to Getting Rid of Stretch Marks – How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

photo credit: CRASH:candy via photopin cc

photo credit: CRASH:candy via photopin cc

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

The key to getting rid of stretch marks

I’m about to share with you a very big secret. Well, it’s not really a secret, because the answer is easily found when you dig for natural ways to get rid of stretch marks. But I think that many people hesitate to give home remedies a try, because they doubt that it works.

And that’s sad, because what I’m about to share can be life changing for you. This is one of the secrets that I’ve included in my own home remedy that I wrote about in my little eBook.

The key to getting rid of stretch marks is with EXFOLIATION! Yes, it’s really that simple. Find yourself a really good loofah exfoliating sponge and you’re good to go. That’s really not all there is to it, but it’s a huge part of the actual process of eliminating stretch marks.

How does exfoliation work? Think about it…what are you doing when you exfoliate your skin? You’re removing dead skin cells. Stretch marks or any scar for that matter are dead skin cells, so even though this process takes some time to remove them all together, you should begin to see results very soon after you start exfoliating.

What should you exfoliate stretch marks with?

You can exfoliate with a home body scrub or pick up some St. Ives apricot scrub at your local department store. After exfoliating, rinse your stretch marks and then wash with oatmeal soap or Dudu Osun Black Soap. The black soap also works to help fade stretch marks. We use this soap to treat acne in our house, as well.

My favorite loofah sponge for exfoliating stretch marks with is this one right here. The exfoliating side of this loofah works really well for the purpose of exfoliation. You can actually feel it working. You just want to be careful not to scrub hard, otherwise you’ll irritate your skin and that’s also not good for your circulation.

How often should you exfoliate stretch marks?

You can exfoliate once a day, every other day or just a couple times a week. That all depends on the time that you have and if you want to give your skin a break in between exfoliation.

After Exfoliation

After you exfoliate, the step after drying off of course, is to apply something that will help fade stretch marks. Now, this can be an oil, a cream or even some aloe vera gel. The choice is yours on what to do next. You can try different things, but remember that it’s best to apply stretch mark treatments twice a day to see maximum results.

So, for example, in the morning you can apply some aloe vera gel, followed by the cream or oil of your choice and then later on, just rub on some cocoa butter (raw is best). Whatever you choose to use, just be consistent and try as best as you can to apply it twice a day.

Don’t expect them to be gone over night. This takes time, but it does work. :) Mine are almost gone and many women swear that exfoliating has worked for them, too. After you’ve exfoliated, you can also try using a Derma Roller. I might get one of these myself some day to try and then blog about, of course. :) The Derma Roller is supposed to help fade stretch marks with massage.

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11 Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

photo credit: [auro] via photopin cc

photo credit: [auro] via photopin cc

Natural Stretch Mark Treatment

If you’re looking for home remedies to get rid of stretch marks, then you’ll be happy to know that there are a ton of different ideas floating around the internet that many people claim have worked for them. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try, right?

I have scoured the web in search of more ideas to share with you to help you get rid of stretch marks forever. Forever is a big word, but I believe that you really can get rid of them forever if you just believe and keep trying.

If you have the attitude that something can’t work and so why should you try, well then, how will you ever know if it works if you don’t give it a try? People are saying that these things work. My own remedy works, but there’s other home remedies out there, as well.

There’s actually a ton of them and you’ll be surprised by some of the ingredients in some of these simple little home remedies, but if you research them by hitting up “Google,” you’ll read many of the claims for yourself from real people like you and me that these remedies actually work. Some of them sound great actually, so here goes …

My Top 11 Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

1.)  Create a home made body scrub by mixing these ingredients together:  olive oil, coffee grounds or white sugar, vitamin E oil and lemon juice. Rub the mixture into the stretch marks and let sit for about 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water in the shower or bath and gently use a body brush to exfoliate the stretch marks. After finishing with your shower or bath, then rub some more lemon juice into the stretch marks and finish with applying a stick of cocoa butter on your scars.

2.)  Apply a mixture of Bio-Oil with Vaseline twice daily to your stretch marks. Many people say that this actually works. I also learned that Vaseline is good for skin firming, so I’ll have to experiment with that.

3.)  Create a home made body scrub with these ingredients:  virgin olive oil, sugar, honey and baking soda. Rub mixture into stretch marks with a loofah. Rinse with warm water and then apply cocoa butter stick and some Bio-Oil.

4.)  Use potato juice to get rid of stretch marks, by cutting a potato into pieces, then taking these pieces and rubbing them into your stretch marks. The potato juice contains natural ingredients that are known and claimed by many to aide in eliminating stretch marks. Allow the potato juice to sit for a while and then rinse with warm water.

5.)  Use a Derma Roller to massage your stretch marks with, then apply coconut oil to your stretch marks. Do this twice daily.

6.)  Create a home made body scrub with these ingredients:  olive oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel, cocoa gel, vitamin C pills crushed and granulated sugar. Mix two tablespoons of each ingredient to create your body scrub, rub into stretch marks, let sit and then rinse with warm water. With the oil and gel ingredients, you will create an oil and apply this mixture to your stretch marks after you’ve finished bathing.

7.)  Create a natural body scrub with the following ingredients:  coffee grounds, brown sugar and coconut oil. Gently exfoliate stretch marks with the body scrub, rinse with warm water. Use Derma Roller to massage stretch marks and then apply some coconut oil.

8.)  Apply Grape seed oil twice daily and also exfoliate skin in the shower with a good body scrub.

9.)  Apply these ingredients to your stretch marks twice daily and in this order; skin tightening eye cream, the Sanctuary SPA Covent Garden Body Moisture Spray (it has sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin oil in it), Vaseline that has aloe in it or put the aloe in the Vaseline yourself, Shea Butter Lotion and then finally, some lavender lotion. Be sure to massage all of this in. You might feel a bit greasy and maybe will only want to do this once a day.

10.)  You’ll need these ingredients for home remedy number 10:  1 lime, a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar and one cup of milk or cream. First, cut the lime in halves. Take one half of the lime and apply the salt to the lime. Rub the lime into your stretch marks for about two minutes. Rinse the lime off with warm water and then add the sugar to the lime. Again, rub the lime into your stretch marks, only this time you’re using the sugar instead of the salt. Rub in for about two minutes and then rinse the lime again with warm water. Now, you’ll dip the lime into the milk and again rub the lime into your stretch marks. Keep dipping and rubbing for about two minutes. When finished, rinse skin with warm water.

11.)  Create a natural body scrub with these ingredients:  honey, sugar and olive oil. Rub the scrub into your stretch marks and then rub a home made body oil into your stretch marks with the ingredients aloe and olive oil.

These are my top 11 remedies for removing stretch marks naturally. Please always remember that anything like this takes a lot of time and consistency. You might start to see some improvement right away, but the ultimate results will take time, so keep at it and don’t give up until they’re gone! Don’t forget that Carmen’s Stretch Mark Remedy works too!!  :D

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Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Carmen’s Stretch Mark Remedy

photo credit: Pensiero via photopin cc

photo credit: Pensiero via photopin cc

What is Carmen’s Stretch Mark Remedy?

Carmen’s Stretch Mark Remedy is a home remedy that was put together by me, Carmen, to help fade and eliminate existing stretch marks. I had been working off and on over the years since I was in my early 20′s on ways to get rid of stretch marks of my own and eventually ended up coming up with this method that actually works.

I would try things and not see results, then give up or I would try things and see some results and then keep looking for something better. Most times I had other priorities in my life that kept me from researching and trying new things. I’m one of those Mom’s that puts herself last 99.99% of the time, so then I would start feeling bad about myself and decide to try to make the time to try yet again.

Some time in 2011, I believe, I ended up trying a bunch of different things at once, which I put together as my “remedy.” My remedy is not a “magic cream” or anything like that. It’s an actual method, combined with some products of various sorts. There is a stretch mark cream involved, but that’s only one of the steps.

Does it work?

Yes, it really works! My stretch marks aren’t completely gone yet, but they’re almost gone. If I had worked this method as much as I should be doing, then they’d already be gone. I rarely use it and sometimes only use bits and pieces of the steps. With the little bit that I’ve used it though, I’ve seen an amazing improvement in my scars. I feel confident enough to say that I truly believe that one day they will be gone completely. That’s why I was so excited to put my little eBook together and share this news with others. It’s amazing and you’ll never believe just how simple the steps are.

How can I get started?

You can get started by ordering my eBook, which will take you through my journey, along with each step of the remedy, so that you can get started on working on your own journey! Inside of my eBook, you’ll discover secrets that it took me years to learn and dig up. I took a combination of secrets to create my little remedy and it really works. What a feeling to finally take back control of my body!

When you have these scars, you think you’re scarred for life because people make it seem hopeless that you can’t get rid of them, or maybe you try something and it doesn’t work, so you give up but don’t give up. Keep on trying. I’m telling you that this really works because it’s not a magic cream. It’s a method to naturally rebuild healthy skin and get rid of stretch marks. Inside of this little eBook, you’ll also learn where you can go to gather your supplies to get started on the remedy itself. It is my goal to one day create starter kits or just kits in general. I was hoping to do this by spring, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

Life keeps me busy, but I’m hoping maybe some time in the fall or possibly even after the new year of 2014. We’ll see. It’s definitely something that I want to do. I’d like to “hope” for the fall, but in the mean time you can still get started on the remedy by gathering all of your supplies yourself. Good luck and I hope you’ll take the time to check out my little eBook, so that you can start to see the skin that you miss too!

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Hello World! – We’re in the Process of Moving

Beauty Problem Solvers is in the process of moving things and building our new site right now. It should be done sometime this week, hopefully. We’re moving everything from our Blogger blog on over to here and this is the last time that Beauty Problem Solvers will be moving!

Can Green Tea Really Help You Lose Weight???

photo credit: Mothlike via photopin cc

photo credit: Mothlike via photopin cc

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Can green tea really help you lose weight?

If you want to know if green tea can really help you lose eight, then the answer to that question is YES!  Yes, green tea can help you to lose weight! The reason that I’ve decided to post about this today is because I’ve started to drink green tea again (brewed green tea) for a few reasons and one of those reasons is weight loss.

I have a lot to say and don’t know where to begin… First of all, this is amazing stuff and it’s all natural. I discovered it for myself back in 2010 after my twin daughters were born. Drinking this tea, while also eating healthy and exercising, I lost all of my post twin baby weight in just two months.

Then I stopped drinking green tea, stopped working out and my weight has been like a yo-yo ever since then; up and down 10-20 pounds. Recently, I was slightly over that 20 pound threshold, so I became disgusted with myself.

I don’t know how to explain this – I don’t judge anyone that’s over weight and I think that everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways. I feel like beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. With that said, I just don’t like the way I look once I reach a certain weight and become unhappy with myself. This is a battle within me.

At the same time, I’m also at a point in my life where I want to eat whatever I want without worrying about gaining weight, because happiness to me is more important than my pant size. However, being at a certain weight and size also makes me happy. I refuse to “diet.” I want to eat what I want and still be the size that I want. How do we make this possible?  Eating what I want, but eating sensibly, exercising and – drinking green tea for weight loss.

How Does Green Tea Aide in Weight Loss?

Not only is green tea loaded with antioxidants, but green tea does many amazing things to aide in weight loss. Things like speeding up your metabolism, while also breaking down fat deposits. The best time to drink green tea is in the morning before you start your day and within an hour before starting a workout.

If your workout is just taking a long walk, then drink some green tea before you go for your long walk. I personally also like to drink one cup at night now, before I go to bed. I don’t know if this is all in my head, but I feel like that’s helping me, too.

My Latest Experience with Green Tea

Since starting green tea again a week ago, I’ve lost between 5-10 pounds. That’s a lot to lose in one week, but I can assure you that I’m not depriving myself by not eating. I eat healthy – in fact I’ve over eaten a time or two. I think that a lot of the weight that has come off was “water weight,” from all of the cream and sugar that I was taking in with my coffee. I was going through a quart of creamer within 2-3 days. Disgusting, I know…

I’m still drinking my coffee, but I cut back a lot. I had a bit of a coffee addiction problem (still do but I’m trying to cut back!) and knew that I had a problem when I realized my weight gain was from…the coffee. I was disgustingly bloated from all of the creamer and sugar, and when I realized that I was able to drink a cup of coffee at midnight and still fall asleep an hour later, I knew I needed to stop. I was immune to it’s energy boosting effects, because I was drinking too much.

I found myself sleeping less, drinking more coffee and feeling terrible. I was sleep deprived and a miserable witch. Speaking of energy…another added benefit of green tea is that it’s a natural energy booster. I’ve also started to drink more water again for good health and also for energy. Our bodies need water and crave water for energy, as well.

Final Thoughts

I feel like I’m on the right path again towards living a healthier lifestyle, now if I can only stay on this path. It’s a very easy path to stray from, but I will continue to drink more water, less coffee and more of my green tea. So, give green tea for weight loss a try, you have nothing to lose but the weight you want to lose. You can find green tea in all major grocery stores and health food stores. Cheers to good health!  :D

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